The Herbal Gin Company has a wide range of flavours, each flavour having two versions, one conventional and one infused with CBD.

The easiest way we felt would distinguish the two was describing the flavour as "Dot" and "Leaf" - witnessed by the subtle but nevertheless distinctive change of the label logo - the "dot of the "i" - in the conventional option and the leaf silhouette replacing the "dot of the i" with a small leaf.


The 'Dot' brand has no CBD or anything related to the cannabis plant or marijuana within the products.


The 'Dot' brand has only the botanicals and fruits stated within the website without CBD. For our customers that have a love of quality Gin products but do not value the CBD element.


Our 'Leaf' brand products are all infused with CBD, a product used for many ailments across the globe.  

We have sought expert advice as to how to deliver the CBD without affecting the recipe taste and we are excited to say that significant resources have come up with our bespoke CBD flavour free delivery.  

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The Herbal Gin Company Ltd - A startup gin distillery for the North East is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

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