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The taste of a conventional classic gin never grows old. For Gin with a Difference*, juniper predominates with tones of black pepper.


Add in the roundedness of taste from liquorice to enjoy a depth and clarity of taste that suits all mixer and cocktail combinations.


  • Juniper

  • CBD

  • Coriander

  • Angelica Root

  • Liquorice

  • Orris

  • Cassia

  • Black pepper

  • What makes Gin With a Difference* different?
    There are many differences: 1. The obvious first difference for this classic gin is the presence of CBD, which is occupying an increasingly visible profile in the marketplace. 2. CBD concentration - this is due to our ground-breaking production method, (helped by our combined scientific and engineering experience) we are using CBD that allows us to create a much higher concentration of CBD in the gin compared to similar predecessors of most other producers.. 3. ABV 60% - this is a high strength alcohol - ‘overproof’ a. Each measure of 25ml contains 1.5 units b. Each 70cl bottle contains 42 units of alcohol c. Naval strength refers to a gin at 57% d. Overproof gin is fantastic for cocktail making - a stronger gin will hold more of the botanicals / terpenes (see below) which changes the flavour / taste of the cocktail. 4. No cloudiness - the norm for alcohol containing CBD up to now, has seen the alcohol turn cloudy in the bottle. Our gin is clear.
  • What is CBD?
    Also known as cannabidiol, CBD is a non-psychoactive compound found in hemp. It does not cause a ‘high’ and is safe for human consumption.
  • Does CBD convey any health benefits?
    We explicitly make no claims for health benefits from CBD.
  • Why does CBD suit the inclusion of gin?
    When derived from the hemp plant / seed, CBD is ‘carried’ by the oils from the plant material. These materials include chemicals called terpenes which help to impart fantastic flavours / aromas: ● Terpene ○ Myrcene - sour / mango / citrus / hops ○ Limonene - lemon / orange / grapefruit / bergamot ○ Linalool - floral / lavender ○ Pinene - pine forest ○ Pulegone - minty / cooling / refreshing ○ Eucalyptol - camphor / rosemary These same terpenes are exactly the chemicals that are in the botanicals used to flavour our gin! ● Gin with a Difference* botanical ingredients ○ Juniper - contains pinene / myrcene / limonene / giraniol ○ CBD ○ Coriander -contains linalool / pinene / cymene / limonene ○ Angelica Root - contains pinene / phellandrene /cyclopnetadecanolide (of interest to the perfume trade too) ○ Liquorice - contains estragole / cineole / eugenol ○ Orris - contains irone used in perfumery too - smelling of violets ○ Cassia - cineole/ cinnamaldehyde ○ Black pepper - piperine / pinene / limonene / myrcene
  • Why is Gin With a Difference* more expensive (£39.99)
    An ABV of 60% incurs 50% more duty to be paid on the alcohol inside compared to a bottle of 40% gin (£29.99)
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