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Herbal Gin with a Hint of Lemon

Herbal Gin with a Hint of Lemon


Available in 5cl, 20cl and 70cl

The flavours of juniper, coriander and cardamom are bound beautifully together by orris and angelica root. Soon liquorice and all spice are noticed backed up by a sage and thyme combination with delicate chamomile flavour that is kept lingering nicely by eucalyptus.

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Tasting Notes

A well balanced botanical gin with top-notes of lemon. Ideally complimented by classic Indian tonic water for an enjoyable refreshing taste.

The cucumber tonic alternative promotes a “punch-like” quality.

The Perfect Serve

Mixer Classic:

Indian Tonic Water

Mixer Alternative:

Cucumber Tonic


Lemon slice

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