Image by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis

Pink Grapefruit Gin

Fruitiness is the dominant flavour here. With emphasis on the juicy flesh of the red Cyprus grapefruit, and an accentuation of the citrus notes by the inclusion of limonene. A fresh, clean, and well-defined taste.

Available in 5cl, 20cl and 70cl

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Tasting Notes

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Mixer Classic

Mediterranean Tonic

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Mixer Alternative

Aromatic Tonic

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Pink Grapefruit with three juniper berries

This is all about zesty pink grapefruit flavour - great care being taken during distillation to use only the sweet fleshy fruit.

The mediterranean herbs balance and compliment this strong fruity flavour.

The aromatic alternative provides bold flavoursome botanicals that results in a strikingly subtle, balanced drink.