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Strawberry and Black Pepper Gin

This well-balanced and tasteful gin combines mouth watering strawberry with hints of black pepper, offering a modern take on a long established and enjoyable flavour.

Available in 5cl, 20cl and 70cl

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Tasting Notes

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Mixer Classic

Refreshingly light Fever Tree Indian Tonic water

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Mixer Alternative

Fever Tree Premium Lemonade

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3 x peppercorns (strawberries if in season)

This gin. provides two extremes of flavour that have been combined to result in the sweet strawberry to shine through and balance with the sharpness of pepper.

Neither dominates but this should be no surprise as this is a well established flavour combination that is more than a hundred years old yet still maintains a contemporary taste experience.

Simplicity of mixer is paramount, letting the gin shine through.