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Beautiful Nature

Going Green

At The Herbal Gin Company, we're committed to doing things a better way, that's why we've committed to net zero emissions by the end of 2021 - something we're well on our way to achieving.

We're installing an air-source heat pump system to keep the distillery and bar warm with a low energy cost, whilst using a renewables-only energy supplier, meaning all of our electricity is carbon neutral.

We've even gone a step further - installing a heat recovery system on our primary still, Margaret. This will allow us to recover the process heat that would otherwise go to waste - saving over 5 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year.

We can't wait to achieve full carbon-neutral certification for our range, helping to make the world a better place - one tasty G&T at a time.

The Herbal Gin Company produces a wide range of quality gins in County Durham, supplying the whole of the UK. We pride ourselves on developing consistently high-quality gins in small batches, made from carefully selected botanicals to deliver a superior flavour.
Our passion for flavourful herbal gin drives the business forward. The company was founded by two friends who both share the joy of a crisp G&T, and who wished to bring something unique and creative to an already exciting market.
Enticed by the allure of a simple yet flavourful gin, the mission was simple – to found a distillery that could produce the highest quality spirit with an exciting and dynamic range of flavours.
Every aspect of our product has been crafted with our customers in mind, from elegant and simple bottles that can be re-used as stylish decorative pieces, to our wide range of flavours that cater to every individual - from the established connoisseur with a developed palate, to the new-found gin enthusiast with a preference for modern and fruity sensations.
Our recipes are entirely bespoke, and are crafted using the highest quality botanicals and fresh ingredients. Each batch is prepared and distilled with care to our exacting standards, ensuring the most discerning of customers are delighted with our product.