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The Herbal Gin Company

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

I smile as I start to write - after all - who could possibly have thought a couple of years ago that as a GP of almost 30 years experience I would find myself writing a blog - let alone a blog about my very own Gin Company and my very own bar…..!

Yet here I am. Not seeing patients any more but now spending my days talking to people about flavours and how they will be influenced by immersion in a bottle with 40% alcohol. Not to mention liaising with website experts and logo / branding consultants (FYI - logo and branding are not the same - as I have found out) for both projects, choosing bottles (and stoppers), sitting exams (aaargh - not again - I sat 1000’s of them as a doctor), going through the process of getting rectifying and compounding licences, liaising with and filling all the forms needed by HMRC to become a bonded warehouse keeper, registering for the electronic movement of duty suspended alcohol, and all of this with absolutely no previous experience (except sadly the 1000’s of exams bit)!

Why do it….?

It’s a simple answer. Involving a hot tub and a text message.

August 2018 I was enjoying a G&T whilst immersed in a hot tub, on holiday in the Trossachs of Scotland. Enjoying the drink, it simply crossed my mind how fun it would be if I could make my own. After finishing the drink and getting out of the tub to refill glasses, I texted a friend, simply asking if he would like to set up a Gin Company. As it turned out - he was drinking a G&T at the same time - his reply was a very simple - “YES!” and that’s how The Herbal Gin Company was started.

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