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Say Hello to Gin with a Difference*

After months of trials, testing and evaluation our new Gin with a Difference* is finally ready!

In our opinion, the taste of a classic gin never grows old. So for Gin with a Difference*, juniper dominates the flavour with subtle hints of black pepper. Liquorice rounds out the flavour profile and adss a depth and clarity that suits all mixer and cocktail combinations.

So, What is the Difference*?

  • It is 60% ABV (not 40% ABV)

  • It contains 10mg of CBD per serving

  • It changes colour when the tonic is added!

At 60% ABV, one unit (25ml) of this overproof gin is the equivalent of one and a half measures at your local pub.

It’s crystal clear in the bottle but louching happens when you add in your mixer which provides a “Pernod” or “Absinthe” effect that is utterly charming and completely unique.

While our newest gin contains 10mg of CBD per 25ml serving, the fantastic flavour is unaffected by the addition of the high strength of CBD.

Our new Gin with a Difference* labels, are embossed with rose gold foil making them a great addition to your home bar or a stylish gift or the gin lover in your life.

Key Stats & Ingredients

70CL • 60%ABV • 280mgCBD • 0%THC





Angelica Root




Black Pepper

Buy Gin With A Difference*

This new gin flavour is available to purchase in 70cl size from our online store or from The Aviator Gin Bar.

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