Plants in society

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

This blog post is all about some of the plants that we come across in everyday life that we take for granted.

Don’t be fooled - the items being mentioned here are not inherently safe - they range from relatively benign to heavy duty dangerous. It’s just that social acceptance has allowed them to be incorporated into our lives with licences and a medical acceptance.

So here we go - a top ten of plant based items that are encountered in everyday life. 

1. Quinine

Quinine has been used for hundreds of years to treat malaria. It comes from a tree - the Cinchona - and stories abound as to the origin of quinine success but undoubtedly it was the military use of quinine to prevent malaria that brought it to the fore in our society. 

I have personally seen the effects of not taking quinine tablets to prevent malaria and it is truly sobering to see how quickly this disease acan kill. Even in 2020, malaria kills 3000 children in Africa - EVERY DAY!!

Unfortunately, quinine essentially tastes pretty unpleasant in its “raw” form. (Fast forward to nowadays with all the fantastic Fever Tree flavours that we are seeing and it’s all very different.) 

So how did the Army get people to take the quinine - simple - add in some gin. Does the trick every time!