Stirred not shaken (eh?) - understanding the Martini family...

Welcome to the first of my articles that will hopefully map out the exotic world of cocktails into an understandable subject. My last blog promised to show you the basis of why …..

M...y D...aiquiri S...hould H...elp F...lip O...melettes 

So the first of the six we are going to look at, is the Martini. I don’t know about most people but my understanding of the Martini up until now has been pretty confused - James Bond would ask for a vodka martini, shaken not stirred, then go on to save the world from destruction by the evil SPECTRE.

If I were to criticise I would say to Mr Bond that he

should hold the glass by the stem to keep his drink cold....!

...but who's going to argue with this guy....?

However, whenever I saw 'Martini' it was a label on a bottle on a less well looked at shelf in the off licence I worked in and it was definitely not a cocktail! (Trust me about the off licence - I used to work in one as a student - and learned an awful lot from the Manager - who ended up being the best man at my wedding and her's still giving awesome advice - thanks Norman!) 

Then I look at cocktail books and see that you can make ‘a martini’ from gin and vermouth or vodka and vermouth - how confusing is that….?