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Tasting good!

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

This blog and the next couple will be about taste and flavour.

‘Why taste and flavour…? I hear you say.

Two reasons really.

Firstly because I feel it’s worth the time investment as a knowledge of flavour and taste can only help us appreciate some of the finer things in life. Time is our most expensive commodity and during my medical career, I quickly developed an awareness that I had to spend my time efficiently. (Have you noticed that people are good at spending two things - they’re good at spending other people’s money and spending other people’s time!) That means I’ve become a time snob, only reading about things that are either important or interesting (or occasionally, but only occasionally - both).

In truth, this is why the blog has pretty much fallen into abeyance recently - finding something fun to write about that translates into something that doesn’t waste your time or my time! The last thing I want to do is to write a regular blog just because it’s just being written to fill pages (and from a business point increase SEO because of regular website contribution etc). However the subject is increasingly fascinating to me, the more I read. So it seemed to be time worth spending.

Secondly, because despite 30+ years of medical practice it soon became obvious to me that I know little about taste and flavour. Running a distillery and making new flavours is one thing but to be able to describe / feel / appreciate / anticipate taste is another. The more I read, the more the subject blows me away! Indeed prior to my recent reading, I was completely oblivious to most of the information that I am putting on paper today.

The vocabulary of music and the vocabulary of taste

Put simply, our taste and flavour vocabulary is pretty basic

So here goes…..(stick with me on this one!)

Imagine you are asked to describe the great music you’ve just experienced with a concert / band / festival / vinyl etc etc….