Tasty Bites

This post I hope to make some comments and observations about taste with some background information that hopefully will be of interest.

Firstly, here’s the big question - “What’s the difference between taste and flavour?”

In answering this question, I would like to dispel an urban myth and in doing so, start to answer the question about taste and flavour.

Who amongst us has heard somebody say that they “can’t taste anything” because of their cold / Upper Respiratory Tract Infection? (For once, let’s keep COVID out of it!). Most of us recognise this statement I would imagine. However, the people who say this are usually wrong. What they have lost isn’t their sense of taste - it’s their sense of smell - as most of the flavour we appreciate is actually due to smell


Given the fact that we can't exhibit an awareness of “taste” and “flavour”, our language usage is therefore pretty poor at supporting any verbal expression of the difference between the two. Our thinking pretty much overlaps in our appreciation of the meaning of the two words.

Don’t believe me - try the classic jelly bean test. Close your eyes to avoid seeing the bean (as the colour would likely give the game away - we’ll talk about the impact of sight later) and pinch your nose (to stop the bulk