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The Gin Experience ... and now for something completely different...

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

Our Gin Experience is on the verge of opening. Long delayed due to material supplies and other more obvious reasons, we are now delighted to be able to open our doors to let everyone have the rare opportunity to make their own gin.

As you may know, spirits can only be distilled under the terms of a licence granted by HMRC. So we have successfully applied for this and are starting with six 2.5 litre copper alembic stills, soon to be increased in number to twelve, that will allow the public to come in to the unit and create their own gin.

The Gin Experience is aimed at being a fun experience that will allow participants to arrive with no experience but for them to leave 3 hours later, with a labelled bottle in hand of their very own, self made gin. The recipe for each and every bottle will be unique to the individual, and we will keep the recipe cards safe and secure so that in time to come, all we need is a request by phone call or email and then we can make the gin to the exact same recipe in whatever volume requested.

So what happens in the 3 hours…..

  • Arrive to be greeted with a G&T - further tastings will likely follow

  • Learn about botanicals,

  • Know the three foundation botanicals needed to make your gin “taste like gin”.

  • Get to know the other botanicals you can add.

  • If you are keen to be guided we can provide you with a skeleton set of botanicals for classic style / botanical style / fruity style / spiced style options.

  • Alternatively - if you feel confident to go your own way - we can provide the basic framework and off you go!

  • Don’t worry - we will also advise about relative weights of botanicals to help to keep things balanced.

  • Get to know your own individual still and what will be asked of it.

  • Create your distillate - that will arrive at almost 80% ABV and will then be diluted to 40% ABV for bottling and then labelling.

  • Record your recipe accurately so that we can reproduce it in times to come at your request

We both encourage and expect responsible drinking behaviour and so If you are a driver - then you will be given soft drink alternatives to the G&T but will also be presented with a miniature bottle of gin to allow you to enjoy the greetings drink given to others when you are safely home.

Above all else it is intended for this to be a fun experience that will be long remembered.

We look forward to hosting you.


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