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The Odd Couple

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

It's time for the last two types of cocktail genres to be discussed and so this post then covers Highball and Old Fashioned cocktails.

I have given the title of this week's offering as the "Odd Couple" because on first inspection, the two options would seem to cover the least visited of cocktail types compared to the previously described Martinis, Daiquiris, Flips and Sidecars of this world. However, I hope that the next few paragraphs will create some interest in options that are both fun and bursting with flavour and different options.


Starting with the highballs…. Where does the term come from. Romantically, from the railways, when the train was getting up to high speed

the pressure indicator was a ball that would rise to the top of a glass column to indicate increasing pressure. Alternatively, it could relates to the coining of the phrase - “having a ball” (ie having a party / drink / knees up / rave depending on your generation with a drink served in a high glass). Choose your origin, I’ll go for the trains (I know it’s likely more boring than that but hey - so what!).

So what’s a highball….

It's a.....

… in some ways, the simplest drinks to serve beyond a dram of whisky.

But then the attention to detail is the key here.

Right glass.

Right mixer.

Right core