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The Herbal Gin Distillery Tour




At the Gin lab we will be delighted to give you a fascinating Herbal Gin Experience that will include not only a tour of our small batch distillery and an insight into how the distillery was started and developed but we will share with you some of the secrets of making top class gins.


At the end of the day you will have a good understanding of your own gin palate preferences and a comprehensive knowledge of how we have developed our unique small batch Gins. 


After the introduction we will take you on a guided tasting tour of our very own gin range. This will help you develop an understanding of your palette and taste preferences in order to discover the styles and tastes of gin you prefer and develop an appreciation of your likely favourite botanicals.


You will then be given a range of botanicals to choose your personal preferences that will constitute your own recipe. These will be added to the three main botanical foundations used in most gins produced. We will then use the knowledge you have already gained to test your skills in the art of distilling.


After selecting your botanicals and preparing them for the distillation process, you will be guided through the distillation process on your own still, in order to produce your unique bottle of Gin with your own recipe, which you will take away to share later with your family and friends.

The recipe will be safely filed, in order that we have the ability to recreate your special Gin at a later time of your choosing, or if you wish to remake it in order for us to send, on your behalf, to friends or family.

Your Herbal Gin Experience Voucher includes:

Complimentary Herbal Gin Company Gin & Fever-tree tonic upon arrival
Sample our range of small batch Gins with Fever-tree tonic waters
The chemistry of Gin production - master class
You will get to work with sample and understand a wide range of botanicals 
Distill your own Gin made to your own bespoke recipe
One bottle of your bespoke Gin, to proudly share with family and friends


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